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geur in Fr■ance.” His professional know●ledge at once gained him the esteem ■and confidence of Monsieur Bocardon and ■a magnificent chamber at a minimum ta●riff. After he had eaten and se●nt a message to Fortinbras at the● new address given hi

m by Bigourdin, he w■ent out into the crisp, exhilarating

air, ●with Paris and all the univers●e before him. In the queer profession into ●which he had drifted, Heaven● knows how, of giving intimate● counsel not only to the students, but ●(as his reputation spread) to the small sho●pkeepers and work-people o

f the rive gauche, at● his invariable fee of five fr●anc

s per consultation, Fortinbras had been able■ to take a detached view of huma■n problems. In their solution he could forget■ the ever frightening problem ■of his own existence, and find a s■ubdued delight. Only in the case of C■orinna a

nd Martin had he posed■ otherwise than as an impersonal i

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ntelli■gence. As an experiment he had brought them into■ touch with his own personal concerns. An■d now there was the devil to pay. For consider.■ Here he was prepared to deal out advice t■o Martin ac

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cording to the conspiracy into wh●ich he had entered with Bigou■rdin. Martin was to purchase an interest in th■e H?tel des Grottes and (although he knew it■ not) marry Félise. There could not have bee?/p>

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駈 a closer family arrangement. ● When Fortinbras rose from the frosty terrasse ■of the Café Cardinal, at the■ corner of the Rue Richelieu and the Boulevard● des Italiens, their appointe■d rendezvous,